Did you winterize your exterior faucets?

Leaking hose bib

Did you forget to take the hoses off your faucets at the beginning of last winter? As you turn on your faucets for the spring planting season be careful. Frozen water that was trapped in the hose could have damaged the exterior faucet or worse yet have caused a leak inside your home. When turning … Read more

Radon In Water

radon bubbles

Water is essential to human life however there are times that water can be a source of health concerns. When water contains Radon gas, it can be the cause of concern. Let’s take a look at what radon in water means to you. What is Radon? Radon gas is a naturally occurring carcinogen that can … Read more

Tree Limbs and Faucets


Now that the cold weather finally seems to be behind us and the sun is shining, it is a good time to take a quick walk around your house and look to see what the winter has brought you. In general it was a mild winter, with not a lot of snowfall. Where we didn’t … Read more