Sewer Line Inspection, Should I get one? Yes!

Should I get a Sewer Line Evaluation?

Sewer line problems

Should a home buyer get a sewer line evaluation? If the house is on a municipal sewer system, the home buyer or owner should consider having a sewer evaluation performed. The time of the home inspection is a good time to have this service performed. Most home buyers and owners do not realize that they are responsible for the sewer line from the home to the city sewer main in the street.

A sewer inspection is an essential part of maintaining the health and safety of your home or property. Here are some reasons why a sewer inspection is important:

  1. Identify potential problems: A sewer inspection can help identify potential problems in your sewer system before they become major issues. For example, a sewer inspection can detect blockages, bellies, displacement, deterioration, or cracks in the pipes.
  2. Prevent costly repairs: By identifying problems early, a sewer inspection can prevent costly repairs down the line. If left unaddressed, sewer problems can lead to significant damage to your property and require expensive repairs.
  3. Ensure proper functioning: A sewer inspection can also ensure that your sewer system is functioning properly. If your sewer system is not functioning correctly, it can cause unpleasant odors, sewage backups, and other problems that can affect your quality of life.
  4. The sewer evaluation as the time of the home inspection could identify issues that may require excavation or pipe lining. The average cost to replace or repairs a buried sewer line can be in the range of $8000-$15,000

Overall, a sewer inspection is an important step in maintaining the health and safety of your property and can save you significant time and money in the long run.

Sewer line defects

What types of houses should have a sewer line evaluation? All houses on a municipal sewer system. Any house, any age can have a sewer line issue. Even new home can have damaged or displaced sewer line. When back filling or compressing the soil during construction, it is not uncommon for the sewer line to become damaged or moved. A damaged or displaced sewer line could go unnoticed for quite a while before it leads to costly repairs. Older homes could have deteriorated pipes or tree roots that have grown into pipe leading for a disaster waiting to happen. Sewer lines that run under the slab or floor of the basement can collapse or leak into the basement.

A typical home inspection does not include a sewer line inspection. The interior condition of the sewer line is not visible without the use of specialized equipment and training. Be sure that your home inspector is providing you with themes accurate information. Getting a sewer camera evaluation during your inspection period may help to protect you from a very costly unexpected repair.

We advise all clients that are purchasing a home on a municipal sewer system to have it evaluated prior to the home purchase. Pondview Inspecitons, LLC are happy to offer this service to our clients to better inform them about potential concerns. If you would like more information on Sewer camera evaluations, please call us!

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