Frequently Asked Question

These are many of the frequently asked questions that we receive when discussing our services with clients.

What is a home inspection? A home inspection is an evaluation of the visually accessible components of a home. It is typically confined to the space of the living dwelling.

Do you inspect the roof? The roof components are walked when ever it is safe to do so. When the roof is to steep or the conditions at the time of the inspection would create an unsafe situation for the inspector the roof is evaluated from the ground. The use of high power binoculars and zoom lens cameras are often employed to visually evaluated the conditions of the roof when it is not safe to walk.

How long will the inspection take? The typical inspection is 3-5 hours. It will depend upon the size and  conditions of the property.

Do I have to be present during the inspection? Your presence is recommended, but it is not required. The home inspection is an opportunity to learn about the home and have your questions answered.

What do I do if problems are found? The inspector can help you find the right qualified expert to get further information. Many times your real estate agent can use the information to help in negotiations.

The home is new construction. Do I really need an inspection? No house is perfect. New homes can have issues too. The home inspection can help develop a list of fixes and issues that my have been over looked during construction.

How do you determine the price of the inspection? The price of the inspection is based on the age and size of the finished living space of the home. (i.e. square footage of the home including finished basements)

Will you go into the crawlspace? We will inspect crawlspaces if it is safe for the inspector to enter them.

Do you provide any additional testing during the inspection? Radon, water testing and indoor air quality sampling are provided if requested for an additional fee.

What type of report is provided? The report that we produce is a thorough digital report. Photographs are included for noted issues and items of importance. It is formatted in an easy to view PDF document.

How long does it take to get the report? The report is typically delivered by the end of the next day after the inspection is completed.

What kind of payment do you accept? Payment is expected at the end of the onsite inspection upon your satisfaction. We accept several  forms of payment: cash, check or credit card. (Credit cards are accepted with an additional processing fee)

My friend is a carpenter can’t I just have them look at it? While many trades people specialize in particular areas, while the home inspector understands how the house works as a system. Therefore the experience of the qualified home inspector gives them the knowledge to understand where issues can and usually arise because of age, improper installation or due to neglect.