Sewer Line Inspection, Should I get one? Yes!

Sewer line problems

Should I get a Sewer Line Evaluation? Should a home buyer get a sewer line evaluation? If the house is on a municipal sewer system, the home buyer or owner should consider having a sewer evaluation performed. The time of the home inspection is a good time to have this service performed. Most home buyers … Read more

Is your home ready for the home inspection!

How to prepare for the home inspection

How to prepare your home for the home inspection! You have made it through the listing and offer section of your home sale and now you are ready for the most invasive part of the real estate transaction, the home inspection. The home inspection is the time for the buyers due diligence period. The home … Read more

Home Inspections-Boosting Homebuyer confidence

Table and Flowers

It appears that our housing market may be heading in a positive direction. There is still a great deal of homes on the market and the buyer has a wide range of homes to choose from. Like all of us, buyer are looking for value. Buying a home is one of the most stressful decision … Read more

Five Commonly Overlooked Fireplace Issues


The colder months bring times of holiday celebration and chilly nights. The glowing fireplace is a New England staple in most homes. The fireplace can go months with out a single thought of attention until the first chill hits the air. Here are 5 common issues to pay attention to before lighting a heart-warming fire. … Read more

Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Are you considering rebuilding your deck the composite decking? Here are some things to consider before you commit to this relatively new material. I recently was on a home inspection for a home that was approximately 10 years old. During the inspection I was looking at 2 decks that were part of the home. These … Read more