Now that the storm has passed

Now that the storm has passed, it is time to assess the damages.

Do you have power? Without power you may not have heat. Close shade and curtains to minimize heat loss. Unplug sensitive electronic in the event that there is a surge when the power comes back on. Try to keep the refrigerator closed as much as possible. Once the inside temperature reaches 38 degrees F food can begin to spoil.

Stay away from downed power lines. Do not approach or drive through downed lines. Puddles and water that is in contact of lines can be electrified. Stay clear and call the utility company.

Downed trees – take care when clearing trees, there may be loose limbs that can still fall. Pay attention to limbs that have broken or may be caught in higher branches. Saturated ground and make trees unstable.

Walk around the exterior of you home and look for damaged shingles on the roof or siding. Missing shingle may allow water to enter the home, causing substantial damage..

Do not drive through flooded roads. Water may be deeper then you realize and cars can stall leaving you stuck.