What is Geothermal heat and how does it work?

geothermal heat

What is Geothermal heating/Cooling? Geo is for geological and thermal means heat. Geothermal is an eco-friendly way to heat and cool spaces that uses the latent temperature difference that exist between above ground air and below ground soil temperatures. So geothermal heating is the process of using the environment to heat and cool our homes. … Read more

A Smart Thermostat a Smart Decision

Nest Smart Thermostat

Being green has never been easier. We live in a world where technology is all around us. Our homes have always been a frontier of the next new gadget. For many years smart technology, such as automation and smart controls for heating/cooling may have been too expensive for the average homeowner. Now that has all … Read more

5 Energy Saving Tips for a Greener Home

green house

Here are some tips that you can use to be more green and save some money. Computers – Computers are becoming more and more prevalent in our homes. Many homes have more than one computer. Computers are always drawing power while they are on. You can realize some energy savings by changing your setting to … Read more

The Green Light

Green Lights

At a recent inspection I came across a hazard that I find all too often. Inside one of the closets of the home that I was inspecting there was an unprotected incandescent light bulb. No big deal right? We all have them. The issues arises when the light bulb gets too close to combustible. What … Read more