Will your smoke alarm save your life?

Smoke Alarm

The innovation of smoke alarms is considered one of the most significant improvements to home safety. There is no question that smoke alarms save lives and should be in every home. Ninety-five percent of all homes in America have smoke alarms installed and are required in new construction. We walk past our alarms every day … Read more

Spring Cleaning – Get Rid of Mold

Mildew on Soffit

How to: Mold Clean up Spring is a welcome change from the cold months of winter. Spring showers bring forth flowers and green trees. The wet rain and heavy humidity can also encourage the growth of mold and other fungus. Mold has gotten a lot of press over the years and as a home inspector … Read more

Keep the home fires burning!


Somethings to consider before you strike the match to light the fire. As a home inspector, I often talk to people about their chimney and fireplace as part of my inspection. It is something that many of us give little thought to during the year. Before long many of us will be stoking up the … Read more

5 Tips to Make your Home Safer

Cup, saucer and plant

Even though, this is the outdoor season we are still in our home about 50-60 percent of the day. With that being said it is no wonder that the home can be the most hazardous place to be. Here are 5 things that you can do today that will make your home a little bit … Read more

Walk this way…

Walkway with moss and pavers

One of the many things on my Spring to do list is to check over my walkways and stone walls. The winter can wreak havoc on these normally solid structures. Whether your walkways are stone or pavers the water from thawing snow and ice may have worked its way through the cracks. What commonly happens … Read more