Five House Tips for the Fall Season

Outdoor Faucet

Fall is here! This is my favorite time of year. I find myself lost in the tapestry that our world becomes here in the Northeast. The heat is gone; leaving us with changing leaves, cool rains and sweaters to wear. It is also a time of preparation. Before we know it the winter will be … Read more

5 Tips to Make your Home Safer

Cup, saucer and plant

Even though, this is the outdoor season we are still in our home about 50-60 percent of the day. With that being said it is no wonder that the home can be the most hazardous place to be. Here are 5 things that you can do today that will make your home a little bit … Read more

5 Energy Saving Tips for a Greener Home

green house

Here are some tips that you can use to be more green and save some money. Computers – Computers are becoming more and more prevalent in our homes. Many homes have more than one computer. Computers are always drawing power while they are on. You can realize some energy savings by changing your setting to … Read more

The Green Light

Green Lights

At a recent inspection I came across a hazard that I find all too often. Inside one of the closets of the home that I was inspecting there was an unprotected incandescent light bulb. No big deal right? We all have them. The issues arises when the light bulb gets too close to combustible. What … Read more

Walk this way…

Walkway with moss and pavers

One of the many things on my Spring to do list is to check over my walkways and stone walls. The winter can wreak havoc on these normally solid structures. Whether your walkways are stone or pavers the water from thawing snow and ice may have worked its way through the cracks. What commonly happens … Read more

Pecker Problems


Ah, the sounds of spring peepers-peeping, the bees-buzzing, the birds chirping and the Ratta tat tat of that darn woodpecker on the side of my house. There is a strange phenomenon that happens at my house every Spring. A woodpecker comes and pays us a visit. Like any good uninvited guest he usually comes at … Read more