Tree Limbs

Once the cold weather finally seems to be behind us and the sun is shining, it is a good time to take a quick walk around your house and look to see what the winter has brought you. The Winter season can bring different conditions in different parts of the country. Even with a mild winter that does not bring a lot of snowfall there may be times of heavy winds and icing conditions. This can lead to downed trees and broken branches.

Unfortunately not all the branches made it to the ground. Now that we are making our ways out of the house to enjoy the warmer weather take some time to walk around your house and look for branches that may have broken but never quite made it to the ground. In warmer months these broken branches that are hanging on by a thread will dry out and tend to fall at the next high wind. These can cause damage, be very dangerous and could be deadly. These scarred trees will also be more susceptible disease. It is a good idea to have an arborist come and prune the trees. Having these trees cleaned and sealed will increase their chance survival. Spring is also good time to see if your trees survived the winter. Look for buds and leaves. Branches that don’t have any leaves on them are dead. Removing these dead sections will leave the tree healthier. This will give it a better chance of thriving.