5 Home tips to do before school starts!

I know that none of us want to admit it but the Summer is drawing to a close. Soon we will be met with tired children that need to be shaken from their slumbers to catch the bus. Schedules will be filled with after school events, play dates and appointments. It is a good time to take care of some maintenance items that have been ignored or overlooked due to vacations and outdoor activities.

Heating system check up –thermostat Now is a good time to schedule the service call for your heating system. Oil heating systems need to be maintained on an annual service contract. During the Summer months the last thing that many of us think about it turning on the heat. Soon enough there will be chill in the air and our thermostats will be switched from “Cool” to “Heat”. It is also the time that some of us will find that we have overlooked regular maintenance. The end of the summer is a good time to have it serviced. The service provider will not be overwhelmed with calls and repairs, so getting an appointment should be easier.

Chimneys – Roof with ChimneyHave your chimney cleaned and checked before you think about starting a fire. A Certified Chimney Sweep will be able to clean the chimney and tell you if you have some deficiencies that may have accumulated this Summer. Do you have a Rain Cap with a Spark screen? Is it still there? Be sure that it has not become dislodged or fallen off during a Summer storm. Your chimney may need some masonry work to keep it functioning and healthy.

Ducts and Dryer vents – Dryer ducts that are clogged with lint can become a fire hazard. It is important to have it cleaned or replaced if needed. Heating/Air Conditioning ducts can accumulate dust and in some cases mold. Hire a reputable cleaning company to check your ducts to determine if they need to be cleaned.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms – smoke alarm with smokeHow old are your detectors? Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years and CO alarms should be changed every 5 years. Change the batteries in all your alarms. Check the fire extinguishers in your home. Be sure that they are still charged and kept in an accessible location. At a minimum you should have an extinguisher on each floor. Other good locations are the kitchen, garage and laundry area.

Outdoor lighting – outdoor lighting torch nightimeCheck your outdoor lighting fixtures for dead lamps or damaged wiring. Landscape lighting may have become damage during yard work. Take the time to step outside after dark and look at your lighting. Does it help to showcase your home? Does it help friends and guest find your home easily from the street? Are walkways properly illuminated to prevent trips and falls?

Taking the time to do some maintenance now, will help prevent issues later. There is still time to enjoy the Summer and prepare for the Fall.

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