Will your smoke alarm save your life?

Smoke Alarm

The innovation of smoke alarms is considered one of the most significant improvements to home safety. There is no question that smoke alarms save lives and should be in every home. Ninety-five percent of all homes in America have smoke alarms installed and are required in new construction. We walk past our alarms every day … Read more

Tree Limbs

Broken Tree Limb

Once the cold weather finally seems to be behind us and the sun is shining, it is a good time to take a quick walk around your house and look to see what the winter has brought you. The Winter season can bring different conditions in different parts of the country. Even with a mild winter … Read more

Spring Cleaning – Get Rid of Mold

Mildew on Soffit

How to: Mold Clean up Spring is a welcome change from the cold months of winter. Spring showers bring forth flowers and green trees. The wet rain and heavy humidity can also encourage the growth of mold and other fungus. Mold has gotten a lot of press over the years and as a home inspector … Read more

Spring Clean Up Ideas

Branches on Deck

Evaluate the exterior, caulk windows, clean gutters, examine roof shingles with binocluars Clean up yard, remove old dead branches. Check walkways for cracks and heaving Power wash siding, decks and walks Look at the trim and flashing of the home De- winterize faucets and check hoses Service heating and cooling systems Change filters and batteries … Read more

Preparing during that calm before the storm

Disaster Supplies

The northeast has had its share of heavy storms in the past few years. Many of us have come to appreciate the need to be prepared. The time to prepare is in the calm before the inevitable storms that will come our way. Taking steps now to prepare and have some supplies ready is important. Once … Read more